“Zero Restriction has continued to push the boundaries of technology and material with a level of thoughtfulness unparalleled in the sport. While the technology and fabrication methods have evolved significantly, the goal ZR sets out to achieve has remained unchanged: to pioneer apparel that allows for uninhibited athletic movement that keeps you comfortable and performing at your peak. We really look at performance apparel as equipment and as such consider ZR the 15th club in your bag.” – Billy Draddy

In 1991, Zero Restriction was founded in a rural Pennsylvanian barn by an individual who worked in the ski industry and was frustrated with the performance level of waterproof outerwear available to golfers. Using materials only previously available to the outdoor industry, he created the first “Guaranteed Waterproof for Life” rain gear that allowed you swing a golf club without restriction.

Immediately regarded as a competitive advantage, players up and down the professional circuit took notice. Zero Restriction became ubiquitous on tour, marked by iconic moments like the 1999 U.S. Open when Payne Stewart famously cut the sleeves off his ZR rainwear, unintentionally inventing the half-sleeve category on his way to victory.

The tradition of being chosen by the world’s best players in the game’s biggest competitions has continued over the decades. Since 2015, ZR has been the Official Outwear Sponsor for Team USA at the Solheim Cup. In 2019, Captain Tiger Woods selected ZR to be the Preferred Outerwear Provider at the Presidents Cup at Royal Melbourne.