Zero Restriction is made using some of the most advanced fabrics you can find in functional outerwear. Make sure you take these easy steps to ensure your gear continues to perform day in, day out.

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Waterproof & Maintaining Breathability

For waterproof outwear, breathability is crucial in keeping you dry while active. Without breathability, perspiration will build up inside the garment, defeating the purpose of being waterproof. 


Over time dirt can make its way into the outer layers of fabric of your outerwear, which will reduce the ability for moisture to escape. Remove this dirt by throwing your waterproof gear in the wash (always checking your pockets). Make sure to use regular liquid detergent and not fabric conditioner, bleach, or powdered detergents (these can remove the DWR coating). Most importantly, never dry clean your outerwear. When finished, you can hang dry or tumble dry on warm and gentle setting. Once completely dry, give it an extra 10-20 minutes in the dryer to help reinvigorate the water-repellent coating on the outer surface. If you don’t have a dryer, you can iron on a warm setting and no steam.


All waterproof outerwear utilizes a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating to improve breathability. This coating is what makes water bead off the surface of your garment. Over time, or after heavy use, this coating may wear off, which allows water to saturate or “wet out” the outer layer of your gear. While precipitation shouldn’t penetrate through the inner layers of your gear, it will diminish the overall breathability.

There are some great products on the market. We recommend Grangers or Nikwax spray-on variants. Spray-on is preferred so you are able to apply the new DWR coating to the outer layer of fabric only.

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Care for tech layers

All of our tech layers should come with care instructions on a tag attached to the inside seam. Following these instructions are crucial in maximizing the longevity of our products.
When in doubt… wash cold and hang dry.  You can always reach out to our customer service team if you have any questions.