"There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear"

No matter the conditions. Our high-performance wear will ensure that all your needs are met.

Zero Restriction employs cutting edge technology in our fabrics, trims, and design details. The noiseless, waterproof membrane fabrics, shape-retaining memory wire collars, YKK Aquaguard zippers, locking zipper pulls that stay put, and highest rated, seam-sealing tapes that are engineered with the end user -YOU– in mind.


This rating is found by filling a 1”x1” square column with water and measuring the height (in millimeters) before the water begins to pass through the fabric. The higher the number the more waterproof the fabric.


All Zero Restriction waterproof fabric is treated with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating which causes water to bead on its surface. This layer is essential in keeping the outer layer of the garment from becoming saturated (aka “wetting out”) and maintaining its breathability. Learn more about DWR and how to care for it here.


Breathability is crucial in keeping you dry while active. Without breathability, perspiration will build up inside the garment, defeating the purpose of being waterproof. Check out our information on garment care to maintain your gear's breathability.

The breathability rating is a measurement of vapor movement through the material and is displayed as the grams of water that move through a square meter of fabric in a 24-hour period (g/m2/24hr). This rating has been challenged recently because it has been proven that the rating can change given different environments. So, we are publishing the ratings that fabric manufacturers use with the following disclaimer: explaining breathability is a bit like explaining love to a 4-year-old, it’s complicated…


Lightweight and versatile, Zero Restriction wind pieces effectively block any wind that springs up, engineered for comfort and freedom of motion, the entire ZR windproof line employs the highest level of fabrics, ensuring play in blustering conditions.

Motion Tuned

Viewing the body as a map, Zero Restriction has engineered critical points on its garment to allow a greater range of motion. Using different fabrics and details in strategic locations means increased flexibility and fit where it's needed most while reducing distraction. The outcome? Outerwear that feels like it isn't there.